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Every Baby Girl Outfit Is 100% Cotton

Whether it’s a baby girl dress, a one piece, leggings, bloomers, jumpers or tunic and pants outfit, all Truffles Ruffles designs are 100% Cotton. We embellish our clothing with lace, appliques, small printed designs, sequins, and ribbons so baby girl is fabulous and comfortable.

Baby Girl Holiday Outfits, Hospital Gowns, Dresses and Baby Shoes

Truffles Ruffles also designs baby girl hats, headbands, socks and shoes to add that special touch to each Truffles Ruffles Baby Girl Outfit. Wrapped in comfy cottony-goodness and decked out with lace, ribbons, sequins, and artsy designs, your baby girl will be a cooing ball of adorable joy in Truffles Ruffles Fashions.

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